Plastic Formwork

PP Plastic Formwork

  • Save 1/3 cost than other formwork;
  • Reusable 60-100 times.
  • No need brushing release agent, just tapping
  • Lightweight ,High strength , waterproof and
  • Light weight. Plastic hollow formwork is Light weight, high strength, high hardness, impact resistance and wear resistance.
  • Surface is smooth. Its surface is smooth, bright and clean; Concreting and forming effect is very good.
  • Easy to demould. No need to brush the release agent, just tap, plate template falling off, effectively shorten the working time, speed up the construction progress.
  • Easy to process. Sawing, drilling and nailing are all available. Formwork system can be combined vertically and horizontally optionally.
  • Easy to remove. Removing is convenient, quick and safe, and the supporting is also easy to operate, advantageous to the organization construction, effectively improving the construction schedule.

(1) Construction
(2) Hydraulic engineering
(3) Water-power engineering
(4)Bridge and Tunnel project,